Blog 2.1 is now posted. Changes include:

  1. Authenticate method is now in blog CFC where it belongs.

  2. blog.ini file structure has changed. Before, there was a root section called "blog" with one value, name. This allowed you to say, the default blog is 'foo'. Now, we have a root section called default. If you do not specify a name when you call init, these values will be used. If you specify a name and do not specify one of the values, the default will be used. If you try to init("fred") and fred isn't an ini file section, you get an error.

Warning - This update changes the ini file structure. Be sure to carefully integrate the new changes.

  1. Remember Me function added to Add Comments.

  2. Logout link added (for when you are logged in, of course).

Coming Soon: Support for N blogs w/ one database.

Question: Should blog support non-db persistence? Ie, should I allow you to store your data in xml files instead of SQL Server?