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My name is Raymond Camden. I'm a father of seven living in beautiful Lafayette, Louisiana. I am a Lead Developer Evangelist working at HERE Most of my time is spent writing, researching, or presenting. When I'm not behind a computer, I'm an avid XBox/PS4 player, enjoy movies, and read like crazy.

I've been lucky to have been invited to speak at many conferences over the years. If you would like me to speak at your conference or organization, please contact me. I can cover pretty much any topic you see my blog about, but feel free to request just about anything. I love presenting on topics I'm not yet familiar with as it gives me a chance to learn something new.

I'm somewhat of a Star Wars nerd - but don't tell anyone else I told you that.

If you find this information useful (currently at 6141 posts), please consider visiting my Amazon Wishlist to show your appreciation. Since Amazon will often not tell me who purchased a gift for me, drop me a line to let me know!


I have not done a great job of tracking my various articles on other web sites, but I hope to correct that now. Consider the list below a beginning (as of July 2013) and certainly not a complete list.

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Here are my older books - all related to ColdFusion: