First off, sorry for my lack of postings (and replying to emails). I went straight from MAX to meetings at Broadchoice. I had to share this story though and I think you guys might enjoy it.

I went to the gym this morning and climbed on a treadmill. I turned the TV to CNN where the lead story was about the attorney general collapsing. Unfortunately the closed captioning wasn't working so I couldn't get any more information. I changed to the next channel which just so happened to be Fox News. I figured I could live with Fox for 30 minutes as long as the CC worked. Unfortunately it didn't - but the News Alert at the bottom of the screen left me... well a bit surprised.

Analyst predicts food riots and roving gangs in US by 2012

Seriously. This was a news alert (bright red UI, etc) on Fox this morning. Now that I'm reading it again I wonder if I dreamed it instead.