I swear I'm not posting this just to get a May entry up...

I've started using my ipod a lot more recently and the more I use it - the more right it feels... by right I mean it seems to be the perfect hardware device. I noticed then when I gently rubbed my finger on it to crank up a song I was listening to. It reminds me of Tom Cruise waving his hands in the air to use his computer in "The Minority Report."

I've falled in love with a new band. If you get a chance, check out Out Hud. I read about them from another blog where they were described as a female New Order. To me, it sounds more like a cooler version of Lucsious Jackson, with maybe a bit of New Order thrown in. Be sure to listen to "How Long."

I've been warching the new Dr. Who series. Sorry, I mean my friend in England has. I haven't been bittorrenting them - I swear. Anyway - I'm really enjoying it. They seem to have captured the mood of the old series quite well, and the new Dr. Who is fun to watch (although I believe he will only be on for one season). The episode with the Dalek is quite cool. Is it odd that two of my favorite shows now come from England? I wonder if they will start up the Prisoner again!