One of the reasons I ran contests on this blog was to expose readers to alternate ways to solve problems. I'm a big fan of looking at source code as a way to learn. Syntax is simple. Building is complex. A few years back a ColdFusion Cookbook was released by Sams. What I'm curious about is if there is an interest in creating a new one - specifically for ColdFusion MX7. I don't mean a book to sell per se, but rather a series of blog postings, somewhat like my "Ask a Jedi" series. Unlike the "Ask a Jedi" series, this would have it's own category, making it easier to compile. I'd also generate a PDF "book" for easy downloading.

Is this worthwhile? Would people recommend topics (or recipes I suppose) they would like to see? I think this could be a good project for the year. (Since I have so much free time ya know. ;)