So - here is a problem. You use <cfmail> to generate some mail on your dev box. Since you aren't hooked up to a "real" mail server, to check the mail you need to dig down to your undelivered folder. Wait for it to show up. Open the file, and then ignore all the mail header junk and see if the mail came out ok. This works - but is a pain. Especially now that I run multiple ColdFusion servers under JRun. Sure I could add a shortcut to my desktop, but then I'd have to minimize my desktop, and that's just too much work.

Enter SpoolMail.

What is SpoolMail? It is an extension that lets your ColdFusion Administrator read the mail in the undelivered folder in a HotMail/GMail type interface. You can even delete the mail or move it back to the spool. Even better - it has a luscious interface that just screams art! You want to look at this project. You need to. You want to hang it on your wall and rip up the Monet wasting space there now.

Enjoy. It is version 0 which means, basically, I wrote it real quick and didn't do a lot of QA on it. In theory, it could cause global warming. It could even make you cry, but most likely it won't cause anything worse than a hangnail. I'd mention my wishlist, but Lord knows I've only about ten thousand times on the blog.

Today's build was brought to you buy Freur, Sia, Cocteau Twins, Saint Etienne, and This Mortal Coil, AKA known as my "Depressing as Hell" playlist.