So I've noticed quite a few spams on various BlogCFC based sites lately. They all have something like this:

Thx for a great framework!
Andrzej Filipowicz
Still life Artist, still life art

The first line is actually on target for the entry, so it's not a robot. Now normally I'd just block this guy by name, but I decided to take a look at his site. Shoot, it's not often you get art spam.

Turns out - the guy lists his Skype and phone number:

+48 609290295
SKYPE: e-phils ISQ: 136-120-081

This is an artist in Poland. Any of my readers speak Polish? Anyone want to give him a call and ask him why he spams? Could be good fun. If someone calls this guy and records it, I'll give something away, as long as you provide subtitles in English. ;)