Ok, if you have been following me on Twitter, you know I've been working on a project involving BlazeDS, Flex, AIR, and ColdFusion. The game idea I had was pretty complex, so I thought it would make sense to start with a simple game, and focus on the technologies first. So with that in mind, I'm proud to announce the release of GameOne. Yes, I know, great name, eh? Well, I don't care how creative the name is, I'm just happy it works (mostly).

The game is basically a stock simulator. The stocks are fake and update every few minutes. When you buy/sell stocks, it is announced to all active players. You can chat as well. So for example:

So, it's late. I'm tired. And there is a lot I want to talk about this game, especially in regards to messaging and LCDS/BlazeDS+CF. (Seriously, why aren't people using it more?) But for now I figured I'd let folks download and play with it. I'll post the full source code (client+server side) later in the week. Enjoy. Oh, and for those of you who are competitive, you can view a dump of all users sorted by funds here: http://gameone.coldfusionjedi.com/