So yeah, I know my last post was just a link, but I promise the post after this will be actual new content, not just me sharing stuff. Then again, it's my blog, so who knows what I'll do. ;) Happy July, and for those of you suffering with me in the South (heat and multiple other reasons), stay hydrated.

RSS Styling #

First up is a cool article by Darek Kay, Style your RSS feed. While on one-hand I'm so happy I don't need to work with XML often, on the other hand, I've already been impressed by the XML ecosystem, especially XSLT and XPath. Turns out, you can add a style sheet written in XSL and make your RSS feed prettier. This is really cool, and I've done it to my feed as well.

The 11ty Bundle #

Next up is the 11ty Bundle by Bob Monsour, a huge collection of Eleventy resources from around the web. He even has a firehose RSS feed you can subscribe to in your feed reader of choice.

JSON to Chart #

Last is a resource my buddy Todd Sharp shared with me. JSON to Chart is a super useful little tool that lets you paste in some JSON data and generate a chart. I'm not talking about a charting library, this is literally, "I've got some data, and I'd love to make a quick chart of it to share with others" type thing.

This is a trivial example, but take some JSON like so:

{"name":"Zelda", "age":1, "gender":"female"},
{"name":"Pig", "age":8, "gender":"female"},
{"name":"Luna", "age":12, "gender":"female"},
{"name":"Elise", "age":11, "gender":"female"},
{"name":"Grace", "age":13, "gender":"female"}

Paste it into the site and specify name for x-axis and age for y-axis, and you get this:

JSON Chart sample