Ok, everyone and their mother is talking about it, but just so you know, the 3rd beta of Flex 2 is now up on Labs. I've talked a bit about Flex 2 in the past, and I hope to bring it up here more and more as I get more comfortable with it. I really think Flex 2 is the bees knees, and here is a good example:


Ok, so it's ugly. I'm not a designer. But what you see is a) much more responsive than the "real" site (www.cflib.org) and b) represents just 30 minutes or work.

In other words - I built something that dramatically improved the usefulness of my site in about half an hour.

Now obviously this needs some polish. There is no search. There is no "click here to copy". All of these would help the application even more. But what really gets me is the RAD aspect. I've always loved how a good ColdFusion developer can produce amazing results in little time. The addition of Flex 2 is a perfect companion to the use of ColdFusion on the back end. You've got back end RAD and front end RAD. As I said - it's the bees knees.

p.s. Tomorrow when I'm not so busy I'll actually post the code to this so you can see how little work it was.