A little birdie just let me know that a very cool Spry update is on the way. It includes a feature I've been asking about for a while now - custom display functions. What do I mean? Consider the following example (thanks Donald Booth for the code):

<script type="text/javascript">

function FormattedPrice(region, lookupFunc) { return "$" + parseInt(lookupFunc("{dsProducts::price}")).toFixed(2); } </script>


<div spry:region="dsProducts"> <ul spry:repeatchildren="dsProducts"> <li>{name} - {function::FormattedPrice} </li> </ul> </div>

Spry will now recognize function:: as a custom JavaScript function. In this example, it formats a price to include a dollar sign and 2 decimal places.

You can even use functions in conditions. Consider:


function checkName(rgn, doIt) { return doIt('{name}') == 'Adobe Studio 8'; }


<div spry:if="function::checkName">

This could really simplify complex display code. When will this be released? Soon...