I've updated the Model-Glue version of CFLib. You can find it here: http://mg.cflib.org

What's new in this release? Not much. A few more of the static pages are done. The main "feature" is that you can now submit a resource. Woohoo! Actually, this was a bit difficult. It was the first time I did form validation in Model-Glue. To be honest, it felt a bit akward. I had a form view in one file, form validation in a controller, data validation in a bean, and the use of a Data Access Object (DAO) to save the data. It was more than a little bit difficult to grok the process with all these balls in the air.

Now that I'm done with it though, it makes more sense. I also like how my form is a lot slimmer. It's basically just the text. I know this is a reoccuring theme in my posts, but the seperation of all the pieces simply gives me the warm fuzzies. If for some reason I I decide I hate Model-Glue, I would be able to re-use almost every line of code most likely. That's a "Good Thing(tm)".

Just to be clear... Feel free to test out the submit form on the new version of CFLib, but be aware that your data will not be preserved when I do my next update.