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Big news in Spry-land tonight - the 1.5 Preview has gone live, and wow, there are some great things here. I won't cover everything new in the preview, check the Spry blog for that - but here are some of the high points:

  • JSON Support - probably the most requested new feature. Spry not speaks JSON. Yesterday I blogged about how JSON compared to XML. I am very happy to see Spry support JSON finally.
  • HTML DataSets - Now this is just plain sexy as hell. You can use Spry to suck in data from an existing HTML table - either on the same page or a different page. If for some reason you can't get access to simple XML or JSON, you can instead simply point Spry to an HTML table.
  • PagedView - The Spry team had released support for paging before, and this looks like an even nicer version of the last preview.
  • An API! Finally - a simple doc to help you use Spry. If you are like me and know that Spry can do something, but can't remember the exact function name, this will be a big help.

So again - this is just a preview and not the official release, but it definitely looks like great things are ahead. In the days that come I'll follow up this post with some additional examples. Enjoy!

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