I've updated my ColdFusion UPS Package code today to include the first draft of a service that will return shipping rates. This is not yet feature complete, but for basic (I have a 10 pound package) tasks, it will tell you the rates for various services.

The API is rather complex, so I built an API to return structs of package information in the form the rate information API desires. So this code, for examples, will get rate information on shipping two packages:

<cfset packages = arrayNew(1)> <cfset arrayAppend(packages, st.getPackageStruct(weight=40,width=20,length=40,height=10,packagetype="02"))> <cfset arrayAppend(packages, st.getPackageStruct(weight=10,width=20,length=40,height=10,packagetype="03"))>

<cfset rates = st.getRateInformation(shipperpostalcode=70508,packages=packages,shiptopostalcode=90210)>

There are a few other APIs to help translate UPS codes and package types.