Deals on my Cordova book and JavaScript videos

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Just a quick note to let folks know about two deals regarding my content. First, you can get half off of my Apache Cordova book with the following code: dotd121615au. Other books are included in that deal including their Ionic book.

The other deal I want to share is that two of my JavaScript videos (JavaScript Templating and Client-Side Data Storage) are now bundled in a larger collection called Introduction to the Modern Front-End Web. This bundle includes 5 different videos and over 10 hours of content for just 99 dollars. That's virtually free! (Ok, maybe not...)

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Comment 1 by Phillip Senn posted on 12/16/2015 at 7:52 PM

I subscribed to https://www.safaribooksonli... black Friday deal of a year's subscription to their entire ebook library for $199 but I don't think that includes the videos. Boo hoo. I might have to get this though because you're worth it.

Comment 2 (In reply to #1) by Raymond Camden posted on 12/16/2015 at 8:00 PM

Glad you think so - thanks. :)

Comment 3 by Jacob Hargrave posted on 12/17/2015 at 3:29 PM

You mention "others books are included with that deal." What are the other books besides the ionic one you mentioned?


Comment 4 (In reply to #3) by Raymond Camden posted on 12/17/2015 at 3:31 PM

Sorry, the deal already expired. This was the link though: http://myemail.constantcont...