I uploaded this to RIAForge this weekend, but for folks who are not yet on the pre-release, I thought I'd share a few screens from my CFLib Bolt Extension. I've given it the cool name of: CFLibExtension. Yes, my imagination was at an all time low. You can download the bits from the RIAForge project, and if you did have Bolt installed, here is how it would work.

First, right click on a file, and click into the CFLib menu:

This brings up a list of categories. This list is cached to help improve performance.

Now you can browse UDFs in the category, in pages of 10 UDFs each. This is also cached. The first hit will be a bit slow, but after that it will scream.

I should point out - the design here is pure HTML, and was written very quickly. The ugliness is all Ray, not Bolt.

After you select the UDF, you can either copy the code from the textarea, or click Download.

If you choose to download, it will automatically be placed within the file you right clicked on.

Seem cool?