I just released an update to BlogCFC. This fixes a few small bugs, but one is pretty critical. On blogs with multiple authors, if a user edits another user's blog entry (to fix a typo for example), than that user will become the author of the blog. Thanks to Sean Corfield for finding that one.

Speaking of blogs with multiple authors, don't forget that myself, Scott Stroz, and Scott Pinkston are blogging over at Geek The Tube. That's my main place to blog about TV/movie stuff, and with the fall season starting up (I still don't know what to think about the Urinal Terminator) the activity is picking up again.

Lastly, a TextMate question. I notice when I use Textmate to edit files on another machine on my network (I believe both Mac and PC), it leaves behind a file of the same name with an underscore in front of it. Anyone know what this is? It may not just be TextMate, but that's my primary editor outside of Eclipse.