Gary asks:

I have a CFC that has several query functions. Each function returns a query:

<cfquery name="getData" dbtype="query">
FROM arguments.adResults
WHERE cn='#arguments.netName#'

Each has cfquery name="getData" and cfreturn getData.

My question is, "Is there a reason not to name each query 'getData' or is this an accepted practice?"

First, I want you to go into the corner, sit on your knees, and repeat "I will not select *" ten thousand times. Go ahead, I'll wait here. (grin)

Ok, so this is a simple question. First off, ColdFusion doesn't give two hoots what you name your query, whether it be in a CFC or not. You do want to make sure you var scope the name of course:

<cfset var getData = "">

But outside of that, I'd name it whatever you want. Now normally I recommend folks name their query based on what it does. So for example, a query to get users would be called getUsers. But in CFCs I don't bother. I figure if the method is named getUsers, the query name isn't that critical, and in fact, I will typically use "q" to make it short and sweet. In more complex CFC methods, where I'm not just doing a quick query and returning data, I definitely try to use more descriptive names, especially if multiple queries are being run.