MAX is still a few months away (and I've yet to finish my presentations for CFUNITED), but it's time to begin early planning for the ColdFusion Unconference. Last year I think things went well, but there are some changes I'd like to make.

First - I booked every single possible hour (except for 2-3) with sessions. While I think this was good, it didn't leave much time for ad hoc sessions or just general bull sessions. What I'd like to do this year is leave something like 30% of the time open. This will be for any possible topic, and could be a good way to hash out ColdFusion 9 stuff that I assume will be fresh on people's minds. I'm also a big fan of show and tell. I'd like to offer some opportunities for folks to just plug in a laptop and show what they have been working on. Again, if ColdFusion 9 is out by then, or in public beta, this could be a great way to show the new shiny stuff off. Thoughts on this? Should I leave even more time open? Less?

Second - last year I was mistaken about lunch. I had thought lunch would be served at the Unconferences. This year there is no question about it - it won't be happening. So the lunch slot will always be open. Personally I plan on just bringing some food over and hanging out with the CF peeps, since we are, of course, the coolest kids on the block.

Speaking of food - some of the other Unconferences offered their own coffee and snacks. I'd like to open the Unconference to corporate sponsorship. I'm not 100% sold on this, but if a company would like to buy coffee and donuts, and maybe pizzas, I'd definitely be willing to let you speak for a few minutes at the start of each day (and to put up a small sign, whatever, something tasteful ;). I don't think the presence, or lack thereof, of food and drink will be a huge thing, but I thought it might be nice to have.

Third (or fourth? Lost count) - last year I included topics that were not 100% ColdFusion. I think this was a good idea as I think we need exposure to other technologies/subjects/etc. Any opinions on that?

So... thoughts? Comments? If you would like to speak, please go ahead and post a comment with a) your topic idea and b) your 'bad' times. Bad times being times when you are presenting at MAX or want to attend a session. I'll just pick a time outside of that to slot you in and we can hash it out later.

p.s. Also note this year I'll have not one but two helpers. Scott Stroz has offered to give me a hand again, and Charlie Griefer is my official Grunt Brute (my term, not his). CJ has offered to do anything and everything I demand of him, so I fully expect to take advantage of that and make him regret the day he met me. Just kidding. (Mostly. ;)