I had a bit of a shock this morning. I went to go check in at American Airlines and discovered that I now have to pay to check luggage. Sure it was only 15 bucks, but it was certainly a surprise to me. The lady behind the counter said it was all over the news, but I guess I'm a bit behind.

Flying certainly has changed. As the child of divorced parents, I have a long history of airline flights. Not all changes are bad. I can still remember, from time to time, being stuck in the smoking section. You think walking by a bunch of smokers outside a building is bad - try being stuck with a group at thirty-five thousand feet. I also think the food has gotten better. Sure you don't get it nearly as often, but it seems like it tastes a heck of lot better than it used to. I don't mind paying for food either. At least then I have a choice.

I also don't mind the security changes. Sure a lot of it is for show. I have no doubts on that. But for some reason, the walk through security without shoes always relaxes me. (And temps to just start showing up barefoot - I wonder what TSA would make of that?)

I even don't mind the delays so much anymore. I do think airlines needs to be more forthcoming instead of giving vague snippets of information, but now I assume things will be delayed, canceled, whatever, and since I've relaxed about it it seems to happen less often.

I can now say that I'm pretty much down to just two main "beefs" when flying. I blogged this a while ago, but I still think that everyone should stop pushing their seats back. If the person in front of me pushes their seats back, my knees are in pain. Therefore I ensure the people in front know this. Your comfort shouldn't come from my pain.

My other beef is weird - you will probably laugh. But for some reason, it really bugs me when I hear all the preboarding crap for 'Platinum', 'Elite', and other groups. I mean seriously - we are all going to the same place, aren't we? Do you really need to board before anyone else? Shoot - the more time I have in the fresh(er) air of the airport is better for me anyway.