Online Presentation - Developing in JavaScript in 2017

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Late next month I'll be giving an online, and free presentation on JavaScript and how it has changed (and is changing) over the past few years. Basically - if you've been happily writing JavaScript and not been paying attention to some of the rapid changes recently, you may be feeling a bit behind. I'll try my best to explain how things are changing, what ES6/ES7/ES8/ES2017/etc means (in a practical sense), and how to start learning and employing these new features in your day to day code. As I think my readers know, I am certainly not a JavaScript Ninja. So this will be very much a "How I see it" style presentation focused on what I've found to be useful and where I turn to for help.

You can register right now:

I'm actually part of a full hour presentation where TJ VanToll will be following me with a discussion on TypeScript.

If this presentation doesn't seem up your alley, then check out Certified Fresh Events in general - there's already more planned. This new site is run by a good buddy of mine, Brian Rinaldi, and I think you'll see many more cool events coming in the future.

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