Watch out for the reserved event values in Model-Glue

So for the last 10 minutes or so I've been struggling with why Model-Glue was throwing an error about events. I have a controller that checks the value of "event" in the ViewState. This contains the name of the currently running event. For some reason, when I did one particular action, I got an error saying that the value of the event wasn't a simple value.

This certainly didn't make any kind of sense. Event had to be a simple value - otherwise - how would Model-Glue know what to run?

Turns out I was working on event editing (event as in calendar events). I had a line of code that did this:

<cfset arguments.event.setValue("event", createObject("component", "exchange.model.eventbean"))>

Yeah, um, not such a good idea. In case folks are curious, read this blog entry for a list of reserved words in Model-Glue.

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