I'd like to get the ColdFusion Cookbook updated with some ColdFusion 8 submissions. The amount of submissions has trickled down a bit, so consider this my official plea for submissions, and specifically those that cover ColdFusion 8. (Although submissions that don't specifically involve new CF8 features are welcome as well.)

As a reminder, Cookbook questions shouldn't be "How do I make my app work", but good generic questions that could appeal to a broader audience. They should also be focused on following a format of problem/solution. Ie, I need to do X. Here is how I do it in ColdFusion.

Now for the bribery part. Submissions do not have to include the actual text of the answer. But if you do provide an answer, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to public. Also, the best submission each week of July with an answer will win a copy of the ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit (most likely book 2). I'll give away 4 books over the month of July to the best submission each week. ("Best" will be purely my judgment.)

Lastly - the site uses an XML file to search for and recognize CFML functions and tags within entries. It then automatically links to the documentation for each one it finds. I need someone willing to do the grunt work to add CF8 tags and functions, and to update every single link to the CF8 docs. (Right now they point to the CF7 docs.) This will be slow, boring work, but I'll give you credit, which along with 2.99 will get you a nice cup of coffee. Any takers?

Download attached file.