After many (many) weeks of ignoring it, I've finally gotten around to updating my Starfish ColdFusion Profiler application. While the project is still in it's "ugly ducking" phase, I have begun to clean the code up a bit and it is well on it's way to a "1.0" release. (I'm calling this the 0.2 release, just because I can.) Updates include:

  • Documentation! Woohoo! It now comes with a Word doc (written with Open Office Writer) that describes how to install Starfish, and talks a bit about the usage. It is not complete - but will at least get you started.
  • Template chart now includes the title.
  • CFCs now have charts.
  • CFCs now have a print/excel format. I don't know about you - but I can't seem to ever make nice looking PDFs. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to clean up the PDF?
  • If a CFC had a complex object passed as the arg, it didn't format correctly. You will now see COMPLEX OBJECT as the argument.
  • Query reporting now show "Stored Procedure" in the SQL pane when you click on an entry that is for a stored procedure.
  • The number of records the query returned is displayed. Note - it is possible that the exact same query name+sql will return different number of records. Therefore I return the max number of records returned for the query.
  • Cleaned up the 'no data' message.
  • Added a way to refresh the data.

As always, you can download the code from the project page. I have one favor to ask - if you like these updates and have ideas, please use the forums, and please use one thread per suggestion. That will make it easier to watch.