Starfish ColdFusion Profiler Updated

After many (many) weeks of ignoring it, I've finally gotten around to updating my Starfish ColdFusion Profiler application. While the project is still in it's "ugly ducking" phase, I have begun to clean the code up a bit and it is well on it's way to a "1.0" release. (I'm calling this the 0.2 release, just because I can.) Updates include:

  • Documentation! Woohoo! It now comes with a Word doc (written with Open Office Writer) that describes how to install Starfish, and talks a bit about the usage. It is not complete - but will at least get you started.
  • Template chart now includes the title.
  • CFCs now have charts.
  • CFCs now have a print/excel format. I don't know about you - but I can't seem to ever make nice looking PDFs. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to clean up the PDF?
  • If a CFC had a complex object passed as the arg, it didn't format correctly. You will now see COMPLEX OBJECT as the argument.
  • Query reporting now show "Stored Procedure" in the SQL pane when you click on an entry that is for a stored procedure.
  • The number of records the query returned is displayed. Note - it is possible that the exact same query name+sql will return different number of records. Therefore I return the max number of records returned for the query.
  • Cleaned up the 'no data' message.
  • Added a way to refresh the data.

As always, you can download the code from the project page. I have one favor to ask - if you like these updates and have ideas, please use the forums, and please use one thread per suggestion. That will make it easier to watch.

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