First - Jake Munson just announced a ColdFusion 8 version of cfQuickDocs. If you aren't using cfQuickDocs, you are really missing out. It is a great way to quickly look up documentation online. The ColdFusion 8 version may be found here:

Secondly, and this is old news (but I finally got around to using it last week), you can get ColdFusion 8 syntax help for CFEclipse here:

CF8 Syntax Dictionaries for CFEclipse

You can also find the excellent official documentation at the labs site, including syntax libraries for some editor called Dreamweaver. (Haven't heard of it myself.)

While plugging the labs site - don't forget you can also grab the RDS plugin here. Outside of Labs, the only way to get this is to download Flex Builder 2, so if you just want the RDS stuff, even if you are still just using ColdFusion 7, this is a much easier way of grabbing the bits.