Have you installed BlazeDS with ColdFusion?

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I'm trying to get BlazeDS working with ColdFusion. I plan to eventually do it to a Windows server, but for now, I'm working locally on my Mac. I have no need for Livecycle to work, I'm happy with completely changing it to BlazeDS. I was happy to find a complete install guide for Blaze and CF here.

However, I got tripped up on step 7:

Set up the configuration files for BlazeDS. You can copy the set of configuration files from the BlazeDS ZIP file (not the WAR file). Copy the following files in resources/ColdFusion to ColdFusion8/wwwroot/WEB-INF/flex:

While nice and clear, I only read the first sentence. I had downloaded the binary package of BlazeDS and wasn't quite sure what they meant by "ZIP file (not the WAR file)". I plainly saw the 4 config files from the JAR, so I just used those. Of course, nothing ColdFusion-wise existed in those configs, and when I tried to do a simple remoting call, it failed.

If you download the source version of BlazeDS instead, you will have the folder mentioned in the instructions and your config will work perfectly. I tend to avoid source distributions because I assume they will make me build the source into binaries, but from what I can see, the source version also includes the JARs anyway.

I hope this helps people as it definitely tripped me up at first.

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