Finally reading some book about a kid wizard - maybe you've heard of it?

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So unlike what seems to be the entire rest of the world, I was never a big fan of Harry Potter. I never read the books, and while I picked up all the movies on DVD, none of them really did anything for me. I've seen the first four movies, and I couldn't tell you what happened in one movie versus another. They were all just... meh.

Two weeks ago I decided to give the books a try. I figured since all seven books were released that if I did end up liking it, I could blow through the entire series without waiting.

A few days ago I finished book one, and I have to say - I'm really surprised. The book was wonderful. Not only was the book wonderful, I watched the first movie again and I'm impressed with how good of a job they did. I definitely appreciate the movie more now that I've read the book. As for the book itself - there is something just... I don't know - innocent about it - that makes for great reading. In fact, that's my only real concern with the series. I hear that it gets much more dark and intense as he grows (which is to be expected), and I just hope that some of the charm that I loved from the first book isn't completely lost.

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