A reader pinged me this weekend asking if it was possible to install Flex with ColdFusion. As it so happens, I had done it twice on Friday so the answer was a resounding yes. Just in case you don't know how to do it, here is the URL at Ado... err Macromedia:

Installing Flex on ColdFusion MX

A few notes....

First - the document says that you can install Macromedia Flex on the J22 version of ColdFusion MX. To me - this implies the version of CFMX you run on JRun4, WebShere, whatever. It does not imply the standalone version. Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. Either way, it does work perfectly fine with the "normal" version of CF.

Also - and I'm not so sure I'd recommend this - but the most difficult part of the process is updating the web.xml file. However, I found that once I had updated the web.xml on machine 1, I had no problems simply copying it over the web.xml file on machine 2 (after backing it up of course). That may save you some time if you had to install it more than once.

(And may I say again - I would really love it if MACR would simply make the Flex installer notice CF and offer to merge it right then and there. Or maybe I'm just too lazy?)