I've blogged about it before (or so I think, I couldn't find the old entry), but it really burns my biscuits when I take the time to notify a site about a problem and they never get back to me. This week I'm doing a test. Over the last 4 or 5 days I've found three sites that all do not have a simple error handler as well as having turned on "Enable Robust Exception Information". This setting shows the full path to the file that caused the error, and can be a small security problem with a live site. As of yet, I haven't heard back from one site, but let's give it to Friday and see who a) responds and who b) takes the 2 seconds (seriously) to fix the bug. (Ok, 2 seconds may be a bit off. In some cases the site wasn't validating URL parameters, but the point is that they can change the setting and add a blank error page in roughly two minutes, so there is no excuse for the "naked" error.) Maybe I should also share the URLs as well, but I can't do that in good faith as one of the sites is an old client of mine.

I wouldn't bother blogging about it but it just seems like almost no one bothers to respond when I point out issues. Why bother having a contact form if you aren't going to respond to the contact?