CFEclipse Week

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I've decided it is time to get off my butt and really give CFEclipse a try. I ran into a few issues at first. I'm working on two books right now, both of which have standards for tabs and right columns. A quick search on google turned up how to configure these settings. Now the only thing I'm missing is a DB view (and I know there is a tool for that, I just haven't gotten it installed yet) and RDS. I think the RDS issue will be the only sticking point, as I've gotten used to it. It is much quicker to use RDS over a LAN then network drives. (Why does Windows seem to suck so bad with file operations over the network? I can ftp a file in less than a second, but the same file being copied over a \share will take 3-5 seconds.)

Other things seem a bit wierd about CFEclipse as well. For example - why can't I "Save As"? The only way to make a new file is to manually create one in the project. This seems a bit restrictive.

I think the number one thing I like about it, though, is the Local History feature. That is simply wonderful.

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