My buddy Todd Sharp pointed out something interesting to me today - the contact form on Ben Nadel's blog. Ben added a simple checkbox to let folks using the contact form signify if they are willing to hire him for professional services. I thought this was a good idea, and I've done something similar on my contact form.

I think the language I've added is fair. I definitely want to do my best to help readers. This isn't entirely a selfless move on my part. The questions that come in can many times be turned into great blog articles. At times though, the questions I get can be rather involved. I try to push back when that happens. Also, there are times when I simply can't respond for hours, days, even weeks. If a person has a question and they are willing to pay, I thought the checkbox might be a nice way for them to let me know.

So... what do you guys think? If you didn't know me from Adam and saw the form as it is now, would it scare you off? Be honest, I can take it. (Ok, I can't, I've got the ego of a 12 year old kid, but I'll pretend.)