I'm very happy to announce the beta for Canvas 2. Before I say anything at all about this release, I want to give thanks to Mark Mazelin. 100% of Canvas 2 is his work. It has been ready for a while now but I've just been too busy to release it yet. I'm releasing his work as a beta not because I don't trust his work - but mainly that it is so big a change that I need additional eyes to look at it. Plus, there are two changes I want to add in before the final release is done. So what exactly is in Canvas 2?

  • implemented "What links here" for a page
  • implemented delete page functionality
  • implemented move (rename) page functionality
  • implemented "Orphaned pages" for a site
  • implemented mediawiki-like code section detection (lines that start with a space)
  • reworked the paragraphing a bit to make it more mediawiki like
  • added automatic table of contents (based on all the hx tags on the page)
  • Per page category(ies) using mediawiki-type URL naming [[Category:MyCategoryName]]
  • Categories page listing all available categories
  • Individual Category pages for each category used listing all pages that use that category
  • Recent Updates page
  • "Stub" variable component
  • Search will automatically redirect to a page if the page title (path) exactly matches the search criteria
  • Ability to use spaces in document names (e.g. Use [[My Page Name]] in the wiki code)
  • Modified Page History logic to show most recent at top instead of bottom, since most people are interested in the most recent revisions, rather than the oldest
  • Authentication (login/logout/unique id stored as page author)
  • Authorization: global authZ required for view/edit; page-level authZ for view; page-level authZ for edit
  • AuthZ-based navigation inclusion
  • Ability for a page to automatically redirect to another page: #REDIRECT [[RedirectPage]]
  • Mediawiki-like headers (series of equals signs)
  • Mediawiki-like bold (3 single quotes)
  • Mediawiki-like italics (2 single quotes)
  • Embedded lists (e.g. 2 asterisks embeds an unordered list within a list, complete with indentation), up to 3 levels deep
  • Delete a page
  • Printable (HTML or PDF)
  • Diff engine

What is left to do? There will be a design change. I'll be keeping the design simple as it is now - but I want something a bit less top heavy and a design that can use the new logo. Secondly, to add to the new security methods I want to add LylaCaptcha.

So - download the zip and send me the bug reports. Please note I was too lazy to delete the SVN files and folders so pretend they don't exist.

Download attached file.