RIAForge Milestone

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Woot. I just approved project number 600 at RIAForge. For those who are stat happy like me, some other items I track are...

Total Active Projects: 600
Total Views: 6,295,475
Total Downloads: 410,802
Total Verified Users: 4,549
Updates in past 24 hours: 2
Unique Logins in past 24 hours: 19
New users in past 24 hours: 29

The uptime has been pretty good too, although I just checked ServersAlive and it seems to be down. The product seems cool, but is very difficult to setup via RDP. You would think they would improve that, but I found quite a few people having issues with the setup. I thought I had it set up well, but I guess not. I can't complain too much as it didn't cost me anything, but, meh. I think I may go low-tech and simply set up a scheduled task from my server here to ping RIAForge every 30 minutes.

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