Misleading docs for isUserInAnyRole

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I just helped someone out on the BACFUG list concerning a misleading doc page for isUserInAnyRole().

The docs mention that you can use the function to test and see if a user is in one of a list of roles, but it also implies you can use it to see if a user has any roles at all:

<cfif IsUserInAnyRole() > <cfoutput>Authenticated user is in these roles: #GetUserRoles()#</cfoutput> <cfelseif > <cfoutput>Authenticated user is in no roles</cfoutput> </cfif>

This code won't run as isUserInAnyRole must have at least one argument, which is a list of roles to check against the user. Here is an example showing correct usage. The output will be YES.

<cfloginuser name="ray" password="parishilton" roles="a,b">


I posted a comment to Livedocs, but I don't see it online yet.

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