Today I gave my presentation at cfObjective. The topic was SQLite and Adobe AIR. I think the presentation went well and I'm very excited to have been part of what is turning out to be an extremely good conference. (Going to post a longer review this weekend.) The embed below from SlideSix will give you the slides as well as all the code samples from the presentation:

The only thing not in here is the Hangman code. If folks want that I can post it up separately. And of course, I can't leave this post without sharing a fully built version of American Unicorn. Check out the screen shot:

You can download the AIR file below. (Note - I'm going to double check my IIS settings. So if you can't download it right away, give me a minute.)

This application does serve a serious purpose - it demonstrates one simple example of how you can handle MySQL to SQLite data synchronization. If there is a desire for me to talk more about this, I'll offer to speak at the CF Online Meetup in the future.

Download attached file.