Next "virtual" user group meeting scheduled - Building a Security System

My next presentation in what I am (tentatively) calling the ColdFusion Jedi User Group will be on September 27 at 6 PM Central. This is a class for beginners who know the basics of CFML, and are now looking to add basic security to your applications. So for example - you have a form to add, edit, and delete press releases for your site, but want the form to require an administrator username and password. I'll walk you through the basics of this starting from having nothing to having a simple logon system.

I'll then touch a bit on roles. By that I mean - what if you want some users to be able to add content, but not edit or delete? Or perhaps you don't want all your content writers publishing content. I'll show how you can create a basic authorization system such that only certain users have the ability to publish content.

Anyway, this is the plan. Comments and suggestions are welcome. For the fun of it, I created this seal online a few days ago. Don't consider it anything "official" - it is just for fun.

As always, you can find information about this meeting and all my other upcoming presentations on my Speaking Engagements page.

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