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Following the meme that Tim started, I thought I'd answer the Developer Persona as well:

  • 33 years old
  • Married for over ten years and has three kids. (Along with cats and a flatulent dog.)
  • Drives a Toyota Highlander Hybrid (which got a flat this morning)
  • Bought a home a few years ago. No idea what style it is. It has walls, floors, and ceilings. Oh, and windows too.
  • Is slowly becoming a Mac convert. Uses a Mac laptop and will have a Mac desktop this summer.
  • Thinks Children of Men should win everything. Twice.
  • Just a tiny bit into Lost (ahem), Battlestar Galatica, the Office, Heroes, and other good "geek" tv (launching soon). Watches a soap opera that he won't admit the name of...
  • Likes to play snowboarding on the XBox. Real life? Um - no.
  • Food. Yes.
  • Musically tends to prefer progressive, dance, and classical. Big into "classic alternative" and the "Shoegazer" subgenre. Really like female-led bands (Lush and Curve are in the mix right now). Recently got into Public Enemy.
  • Doesn't get why Youtube is as popular as it is. (And secretly wishes he had invented it.)
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