Less than 10 hours to take off...

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In less than 10 hours (assuming everything goes to plan, and it always does), I'll be taking off from Lafayette and making the trek across the country to California and MAX. Folks can expect me to be quite a bit slower (than usual) to respond to email, but I plan to blog like heck as much as possible for those who can't make the conference. My Transfer series may come to a bit of a stop during the conference, but I'll pick it up again as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing friends I only see at conferences and to meeting as many readers as possible. Please be sure to come up and say hi! (I'm the goofy looking tall guy with the cool Star Wars tat.)

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Comment 1 by James Edmunds posted on 11/16/2008 at 8:25 AM

Those of us who aren't making it to MAX are grateful that you will be keeping us all well informed!