Lots of Scorpio (ColdFusion 8) News

The info on Scorpio (ColdFusion 8) just gets better and better...

First check out Dave Shuck's blog post on Ben Forta's last Scorpio presentation. He lists out what Ben discussed including a lot of the new AJAX stuff and CFINTERFACE.

Next - Ben reveals that Scorpio will support JSON, which is very good news since Spry will support it, and JSON is much slimmer than XML.

Lastly, if you were at my last presentation, you heard me reveal another new Scorpio function. To be 100% clear, I was given permission by Adobe to mention it so this is NOT a sign that the NDA isn't in effect. Scorpio adds a function that checks for the existence of an array element. No need for a UDF or try/catch anymore if you have arrays that potentially have null elements.

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