This is why Adobe Shadow rocks

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I've blogged about Adobe Shadow before, and I've played with it, but I don't think I truly appreciated it till just now.

A coworker pinged me about an issue he was having with a jQuery Mobile page and iOS. I got the code from him, dropped it in my local web root, turned on Shadow, and began editing.

The code in question had a bunch of JS libraries in play, and I simply commented them out one by one. My 'process' was...

  • Edit the file
  • Reload the tab in Chrome
  • Look at my iPad and see if the issue was fixed

This took me about 2-4 minutes to correctly figure out which JavaScript file was causing the issue. Adobe Shadow dramatically increased my testing speed and made the entire process a heck of a lot simpler.

So I know I'm biased, but damn - I'm sold on Shadow.

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