Two Model-Glue 2 backwards compatability issues to watch out for

Joe has worked very hard to make Model-Glue 2 backwards compatible, but I ran into two small issues today I wanted to warn people about. (I've already sent a bug report to Joe.)

First off - in case it isn't obvious - these issues only occurred with a Model-Glue 1.1 application, and may not involve all MG 1.1 applications, but it did affect the ColdFusion Cookbook.

Issue 1: On loading the application, you get an error about a key not defined: rescaffoldKey. This is the URL variable Model-Glue 2 looks for to recreate the scaffolds. I simply added this to my Model-Glue.xml settings block:

<setting name="rescaffoldKey" value="rescaffold" />

Issue 2: It looks as if Model-Glue debugging will display even if you have debugging turned off. I forced it off using this in my Application.cfm file:

<cfset request.modelGlueSuppressDebugging = true />

(For more information on this setting, see this entry.)

Obviously Model-Glue 2 isn't official yet so you take your own risks deploying it live - but it has been very stable (and fast) for me so far.

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