Welcome to BlogCFC 3.5.4. Since the last version was 3.5.2, you may be wondering, what happaned to 3.5.3? Well, it was sitting on my hard drive and never got uploaded. Imagine that.

So, what has changed:

a) The bug with double escaping of < chars in comments has been fixed.

b) I know use ParagraphFormat2 in comment postings. This makes them a lot more readable if you post code.

c) I did not include the stats page yet. It's still written in pure SQL and not CFC method calls.

As always, if you like, feed my greedy desire and visit my wish list. Recently I've gotten three very cool purchases from it, and to be honest, it is what spurred me to get off my rear and get some updates done. (Yes, I can be bought for video games. I'm cheap. ;)