Sorry for the lack of postings, but I've not had great connectivity here. So far, MAX has been pretty good. Here are some random notes in no particular order.

Optimizing Flex Performance with Large Data Sets: This was an excellent presentation, and would be very applicable to those doing any type of remoting work. Don't ignore this session if you are ignoring Flex in general.

Engineering Flex Applications: This was also a very good presentation and I'd highly recommend it.

Keynote: This was ok - the CF stuff wasn't very exciting but I'm already on the Blackstone beta so it wasn't new to me. The Flash 8 stuff was amazing, and frankly I'm normally not that interested in Flash stuff, but this was pretty neat. Kudos to the guys at BigSpaceShip for their demo (a good friend of mine works there).

Hey - was it just me or was it pretty darn funny that the Macromedia guy almost always went to the "Skip Intro" button when he was showing examples. Maybe one day folks will get a clue and drop useless crap like that.

I'll post more stuff tomorrow. Oh, and once again I had darn projector problems, even though I tested it earlier. So far that's my one main complaint with this Dell XPS laptop.