A Farewell to Arm(s)

This post is more than 2 years old.

So time for the Arm Update. Just in case you forgot (in all the excitement), I somehow hurt my arm a week ago. The pain was pretty much all gone. Today I had my doctor's appointment and, amazingly, the doctor found a few quick ways to bring the pain back. Turns out I can barely move my arm behind my back. I didn't even realize until the doctor asked me to try. She said my tendon was enflamed. (She named the tendon. Don't ask me to. All I know is that there are way too many names for muscles in the body.)

So for now I'm on drugs. Seven days of cortisone and 3 weeks of some other anti-inflammatory medicine. In two weeks I return for a checkup, but at least the worst is behind me now.

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