I'm happy to announce the beta of BlogCFC 4.0. I won't be going over all the changes since 4.0 began, but just the most recent changes. While this is a beta, I've been running the bits for many weeks now and in general, things have been stable. You may download the bits here.

These are the changes in the last update:

  • Search Stats added. See them at the bottom of my stats page.
  • Two ways to fight trackback spam. First, all TBs send you an email, and the email contains a link for one click removal. No need to logon - just click the link. Secondly there is a "nuclear" option. You can specify a list of keywords that will always kill a TB.
  • So, one of the things I hated was when I would begin writing a post, get busy with something else, return, hit Save, and get a blank screen. This is because my session timed out. The editor will now show a u/p login form. Once you login, your edits will be preserved. What is especially nice about this is that you can add a JavaScript bookmark to your browser toolbar to let your add blog posts much more quicker.