I've attached a zip with the slide and code from my Spry presentation, as well as the slides from my Model-Glue presentation. My MG presentation did have a bit of code, but as it was just me playing with the application skeleton, I figure folks don't care too much for that.

Once again Jared and team have done an excellent job with the conference. I was a bit worried about the location since last years was so good, but the hotel was perfectly fine. (Well, the chairs felt like they were designed by the Marquis de Sade, but maybe it was just my bony you know what.) The speakers were top notch and I loved just the general high-level nature of the entire conference.

I totally forgot to ask folks to fill out the speaker evaluations, so any feedback folks want to give, either here or via my contact page, would be welcome. (And yes, that includes negative feedback as well.)

Download attached file.