Kevin Smith (I don't suppose you are the "Clerks" guy?) asked the following question about XML forms and CFSELECT:

I have a simple XML form having a simple cfselect statement like:

name = "employeeid"
size = "15" multiple="no">

<option value = "676765">Option 1</option>
<option value = "3333">Option 2</option>

When you view the generated code or submit the form, the form value is the option text ('Option 1' instead of '676765'). Any Ideas what I am doing wrong?

Turns out there is a bug in XML forms in the current version of ColdFusion MX7. I spoke with Mike Nimer and he confirmed this was fixed in the next release of ColdFusion.

Luckily, Mike also provided a very simple fix. To make the form work now, you need to remove the spaces between the = character and the value. See below:

<option value ="676765">Bad Option</option>


<option value="3333">Good Option</option>