Ask a Jedi: Variables versus Var in a CFC

Nick asks:

Quick question: is there any difference between using <cfset variables.databasename = "" /> and <cfset var databasename = "" /> in a CFC?

It makes a big difference. A CFC, like a ‘normal’ CFM page, has a Variables scope. Inside a CFC, a variable in the Variables scope is accessible anywhere. So, as a typical example, one may use Variables.DSN throughout a CFC to retrieve a datasource variable. Here is some quick pseudo-code showing an example of setting the variable in the init() function then using it later. Again - this is pseudo-code and I haven’t had a full cup of coffee yet:


<cfset variables.dsn = ““>

<cffunction name=”init”> <cfargument name=”dsn” type=”string” required=”true”>

<cfset variables.dsn = arguments.dsn>

<cfreturn this> </cffunction>

<cffunction name=”fixMyXBox”> <cfset var q = ““>

<cfquery name=”q” datasource=”#variables.dsn#”> select ….. </cfquery>

<cfreturn q> </cffunction>

</cfccmponent> </code>

A var scope variable, however, only exists for the execution of the method. Look in my example above at the fixMyXBox method. That method creates one variable, a query, so I use the var scope to keep it local to the method itself. Once the method ends, q will no longer exist, but variables.dsn will stick around. (To be clear, it will stick around if you are calling more methods in the same instance of the CFC. But I think you get my point.)

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