Ok, so maybe "SkinnyVille" isn't exactly where I (or those of us in the club) will be, but it's something to shoot for! Week 5 is halfway through. I'm down to about 17-18 people, and those of you who have not submitted, shame on you! ;)

In this report I've included a total weight loss so far. If people don't want their name listed, let me know. This list includes folks who haven't sent in recent reports as well, so please consider this your friendly reminder. ;) Only people who send reports for all 10 weeks are eligible for the prize.

Week 1 weight total: 11,777
Week 1 weight average: 245.35
Week 1 lowest: 150
Week 1 highest: 408

Week 2 weight total: 8,943<br>
Week 2 weight average: 241.69<br>
Week 2 lowest: 180<br>
Week 2 highest: 397<br>

	Biggest Loser (Pounds): Ryan Nowak (12 lbs)<br>

	Biggest Loser (%): Chris Peterson ( 4.42 %)<br>
	Total Weight Lost: 103.5<br>

Week 3 weight total: 7,507<br>
Week 3 weight average: 242.16<br>
Week 3 lowest: 180<br>

Week 3 highest: 390<br>

	Biggest Loser (Pounds): Chad Gray (8 lbs)<br>
	Biggest Loser (%): Chad Gray ( 3.86 %)<br>
	Total Weight Lost: 58.5<br>

Week 4 weight total: 6,032<br>

Week 4 weight average: 241.28<br>
Week 4 lowest: 180<br>
Week 4 highest: 390<br>

	Biggest Loser (Pounds): Joel Stobart (10 lbs)<br>
	Biggest Loser (%): Joel Stobart ( 5.10 %)<br>
	Total Weight Lost: 50<br>


Week 5 weight total: 4,426<br>
Week 5 weight average: 245.89<br>
Week 5 lowest: 181<br>
Week 5 highest: 390<br>

	Biggest Loser (Pounds): Chris Peterson (4 lbs)<br>

	Biggest Loser (%): Chris Peterson ( 1.72 %)<br>
	Total Weight Lost: 17<br>

Mark Drew has lost 0 pound(s)<br>

Scot Stroz has lost 7 pound(s)
David Buhler has lost 2 pound(s)
Mike Elston has lost 2 pound(s)
Stacy Faucheaux has lost 13 pound(s)
Chris Martinez has gained 1 pound(s)
Jay McConathy has lost 4 pound(s)
Willy Ray has lost 3 pound(s)
Mario Talavera has lost 6 pound(s)
Kevin Schmidt has lost 6 pound(s)
Bradly Beard has lost 2 pound(s)
Rob Weaver has lost 0 pound(s)
Dan Byron has lost 3 pound(s)
Paul Marcotte has gained 2 pound(s)
John Hofmann has lost 1 pound(s)
Damon Gentry has lost 4 pound(s)
Randy Johnson has lost 1 pound(s)
Brent Jones has lost 2 pound(s)
Ron Gowen has lost 2 pound(s)
Ken Auenson has lost 7 pound(s)
Ryan Nowak has lost 21 pound(s)
Christopher Bradford has lost 2 pound(s)
Gareth Arch has lost 8 pound(s)
Joel Stobart has lost 14 pound(s)
Brian Meloche has gained 1 pound(s)
John Lyons has lost 10 pound(s)
Curt Gratz has lost 17 pound(s)
Raymond Camden has lost 10 pound(s)
Adam Bielawski has lost 7 pound(s)
Chris Peterson has lost 21 pound(s)
Mike Weiland has lost 10 pound(s)
Nate Smith has lost 8 pound(s)
Chad Gray has lost 20 pound(s)
Michael Evangelista has lost 4 pound(s)
Scott Bennett has lost 2 pound(s)
David McGuigan has lost 11 pound(s)
Andre Fandre has lost 3 pound(s)