BlogCFC 5.5 Released

The 5.5 release of BlogCFC is now released. You may download it from the project page. Lots of new stuff in this release - and here is just a partial list of what has been added:

  • BlogCFC now supports slideshows. Slideshows can have titles and captions. Slideshows can be created via a web based admin.
  • Files can be uploaded/changed via a web based admin.
  • XML-RPC support.
  • Ability to quickly upload an image when editing a new entry.
  • Default CAPTCHA made simpler. Thanks to Charlie Arehart.
  • Oracle support (thanks to Deanna Schneider)
  • Support for DSNs that require usernames/password (ditto thanks to Deanna)
  • Various UI changes

This is a just a small set of changes since the last official release, 5.1.004. I'd suggest checking the readme.txt file for a complete listing of updates.

As always - BlogCFC is what it is because of the support of my users. This release had a lot of help. Deanna Schneider - Scott Stroz - and many others contributed both code and bug reports to help me get this release finished.

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